Items to be setup before using PlanMyLeave

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Items to be setup before using PlanMyLeave

Before you begin to use PlanMyLeave’s leave management system, some system settings and data need to be entered to make the application usable, the below steps needs to completed.


Where and how they are used

Company Settings

Define the Currencies, Date Format, Time Zone and Languages and upload the your company logo.

Leave Polices

Define leave polices based on your organization.   A policy is the most important setting that can be attached to a level type. PlanMyLeave has the most comprehensive Leave Policy settings available amongst the cloud based leave management applications in the market today. You can define policies that set the starting leave balances, define accrual rules that determine how leave can be accrued and add several time frames when these policies will come into effect. For example if you want one policy to be in effect for the first two years after joining and another policy to start from 3rd year and another after completion of 5 years – it can be done .

Leave Types

Define the leave types for your organization.  When users apply for leave they would apply for leave under these specific leave types. Examples of leave type are Sick Leave, Annual Vacation, Jury Duty etc.  

Attaching Leave Polices and Leave Types to Company Level

Once the leave polices are defined they need to attached to to leave types. PlanMyLeave has a unique feature to attach the same policies to different leave types – so if your policies are similar for different leave types you do not have to define them many times.  


Define the holidays for your organization.  Holidays can be attached to locations, departments, hire types and users.


Define the roles for your organization.  These roles when assigned by your users will be able to access the applications based on the permissions set.


Assign permission to the roles.  These permissions determine the access to different parts of the application.

Adding users

Add users and set their roles so that they will receive their login information and be able to start using the application.  The Hire Date needs to be set as this date will be used for calculating the leave balance and accruals.

Is the setup order important?

Yes, the setup order should be followed because many steps in the setup process are dependent on others. For example, you must first leave polices so that they can be set in the leave types for setting the leave balance for each employee  based on the rules you defined.

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