Leave Types

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Leave Types

Leave Settings> Leave Types

Leave Types are required to be added so that they can be assigned to users and also needs to be attached to the company level or user level depending on the requirements.

Your company's leave policy is implemented by defining leave types and leave policies. This section is only for defining a leave type, setting its color code and setting the leave restrictions.  In the Leave policies are defined in System Setup -> Leave Policies  define how many days or hours per year / month / pay period a user gets as leave or time-off.  Once you have defined the leave types and leave policies go to System Setup -> Leave Management and add the leave types and the appropriate policy.

If a leave balance is not required to apply for a leave, then a leave policy does not need to be attached to the leave type. A leave type can show leave balances in hours or days.  After the leave types and policies are attached for the first time for all users, go to System Set up – Leave Balances Engine and select “All Users”, “All leave types and the date and run the leave Balance engine.

After a few minutes it will show the leave balances in the user list.  If you click on the leave type in the user list a pop up window will show how days/hours are being calculated to arrive at the current balance.  Many times the balance will show as zero especially if you run the engine with today’s date as start date. In that case go to Dashboard à Adjust leave balances and select the user and increase or reduce the current leave balance as per the person’s current balance. This step is a vital step to get you started using PlanMyLeave. Please contact support@planmyleave.com to help you with this step if you are not sure of the settings.

During initial setup the actual starting leave balance for each leave type for each user can be set in the “Adjust Leave Balances” screen in the dashboard. This will enable you to show the correct leave balances for each user on their dashboard so that they can start to see their leave entitlements and use PlanMyLeave to apply for leaves.

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