Planmyleave can be set up quickly and easily using our import templates. It scales easily from small to large companies. You can save all employee related information including education history and dependents information. You will save the 80% of the time and money that gets spent on searching for information, paperwork and maintaining and calculating leave balances. Leave Management System improves managerial and staff productivity and efficiency as it cuts time spent in pushing paper and following up with managers.
  • Planmyleave has an automatic workflow for approval of leave request in set preset approval paths with upto three approvers defined in the approval pipeline. Escalation rules can also be set and the leaves can be escalated to a different person or auto approved after a certain number of days.
  • The Staff Leave Planner application allows you to set up company wide default settings in minutes and have them inherited across locations and departments.
  • Staff are empowered to view their current leave balances and apply for leave online - cutting human error prone paper leave applications that need to be tracked and maintained.
  • The full view of a leave request along with data pertaining to other leave requests at the same time as well as previous leave history helps the leave approver to determine when and how to grant leave. This ensures a balanced workforce and resources to run the company efficiently.
  • The bulk CSV upload option allows you upload many employees to the staff database at one go - saves time in setting up and adding users one by one.
  • You can easily add and set up your staff and preferences and permissions based on roles.
  • With our Pay as-you-go service with monthly or annual plans - it can cost you as little as 50 cents an employee to manage your human capital easily and leave balances and leave request workflow.

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