• Users will have a simple and user-friendly system to book their time-off. All company holidays will be shown in the calendar view. At a glance users can see how much of leave balances remain for their different leave types. The entire process of maintaining leave history is done by PlanMyLeave, reducing offline work hy human resource staff and human error. Company wide or team wide notifications can be posted online of upcoming holidays or events.
  • Managers can study leave trends of their employees by checking their Bradford Factor. Managers can log late arrivals to see habitual late comers. PlanMyLeave can record leave requests of full days, half days and partial time off in hours too. Say you need to take a doctor's appointment - you can request partial time off. When managers log in they can see who is available on the team calendar.
  • Users apply for leave requests online. When managers login to the system - they can see pending leave requests and notifications. By checking the team resource availability calendar they can decide how to manage leave requests - PlanMyLeave helps managers make informed decisions on whether to grant or deny leave requests.
  • It increases the resource utilization factor and improves efficiency of employees as the system gives a clear picture of resource availability.

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