Top Features of PlanMyleave

PlanMyLeave, Leave Management System has all the features you will ever need to manage your employee leave. You will find the features helpful, Powerful, Colorful and healthy

Most of the features can be turned on or off based on your company needs. They can also be turned on at a location, department or even employee level.

  • Employees can apply for leave

  • Managers can approve leave

  • Employees and Managers can check calendars

  • Employees can upload documents while applying for leave

  • Get alerts in real time when an employee applies for leave

  • Employees can apply for overtime/Comp off /TOIL

  • Managers can approve overtime/Comp off /TOIL requests

  • HR Managers can make modifications to Leave Balances

  • Multi-language support - The user interface can be set in any language

  • Each location can have a different week start date (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday…)

  • Create leave type names in your own language (French, Spanish, Chinese, German….)

  • Each location can have a different date format

  • Location specific Holidays can be set

  • Be compliant with local regulations by creating Country specific Leave policies

  • Each location can have a different leave year

  • Use custom email templates to send emails in different languages when notification emails are sent

  • SAML - Single Sign on. This will improve security and user experience since users do not have to remember passwords for every single application they use

  • SCIM - Syncing of users with Active Directory. Implemented using Onelogin and Okta (Coming soon Azure AD and Centrify)

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Custom branding with your company logos

  • Notifications can be sent in custom email templates

  • Emails notifications can also be made to originate from your company email

  • Schedule reports can be sent out to managers on a periodic basis

  • API is available for doing custom integrations

  • Integrate with Payroll providers XERO, Quick Books, ADP and Others

  • Using Zapier, you can integrate with 750 other applications

  • You can send alerts and reminders to Slack and HipChat

  • Store and save documents to your Google Drive and Drop Box

  • Integration with ERP and biometric access

  • Custom Excel Exports

  • View monthly calendar of individual employees

  • Calendars can be linked to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook

  • Team calendars will give you staffing position at a glance in real time

  • You can see the calendar of an employee for the whole year

  • Work anniversaries and Birthdays are displayed in Calendars

  • Easy and flexible interface for employees to apply for leave

  • Managers can apply for leave on behalf of other employees

  • Based on Leave types, employees can apply for Half Day, Full day or time-based leaves

  • Employees can edit their leave request when their plans change

  • Employees can easily see the current balances of all their leave entitlements

  • Employees can check the status of their pending leave requests anytime using their mobile or computer

  • Allow employees to upload documents for sick leaves

  • Custom fields for each type of screen. Employees will have to fill these custom fields when requesting for leave

  • When employees apply for leave in advance, the system will intelligently use the leave balances that they will accrue in the future and not use the current leave balance

  • Make certain types of leave available for use only after probation period ends and the employee becomes permanent

  • Gender based types of leave can be created

  • Restrictions like Prior Notice, Minimum Leave duration, Maximum Leave duration and applying leave in advance can be configured

  • Employees can accrue leave at different rates based on how long they have worked in the company

  • Automated leave policy rules can be set to come into effect x months/weeks/years after hire date

  • Accruals in hours/days can be calculated up to 4 decimals accuracy

  • Different leave accrual frequencies are yearly, monthly, semi-monthly, once every two weeks, every x weeks, every x months, every x years ….

  • Secondary accruals can be set to happen in parallel to primary accrual- for example, add an extra day for every year worked or give a leave day for employee birthdays

  • Periodic Resets: Leave balances can be reset to 0 when the current leave year ends, or you can allow employees to carry up to x days into the next year. Carried over balance can be set to expire after a fixed period - For example, on March 31st

  • HR Managers can make manual adjustments to leave balances to set current balances

  • Can decide if employees can apply for leave without having sufficient balance

  • Automatic approval workflow for leave requests

  • Up to 5 approvers in a leave approval path

  • Each approver in the approval path can also have place holders like Employee Supervisor, Department Manager, HR Manager….

  • Approval paths can be set at company, location, department or even employee levels

  • Attach different approval paths for different leave types at the employee level. So sick leave can have one approval path, and Vacation can take another approval path

  • Approval paths can be set based on the leave duration. For example, leave more than ten days can have a different approval path

  • A different approval workflow can be used for employees who apply for leave without sufficient balance

  • Escalations: If leave is not approved within a set time interval, approval can be escalated to a different manager

  • Back up Managers: Set backup users for approving manager. Approval will go to the backup manager when the approving manager is on leave

  • HR Managers and Super managers can approve or reject any leave request

  • Comp off requests can go through an approval process

  • Automatic calculation of overtime

  • Employees can bank overtime hours

  • Comp hours can be set to expire, for example, if an employee works this Sunday, you can set the comp off hours to expire after 30 days

  • For companies who work multiple shifts, shifts can be created

  • Work patterns of individual employees can be created

  • This will ensure accurate calculation of leave duration of leave requests made by employees who work on shifts

  • Management reports can be downloaded in Excel and PDF formats

  • Reports can be scheduled to run at periodic intervals and emailed to managers

  • Reports with filters can be saved as Smart Views. Using smart views, you can run the saved reports without having to set the filters every time

  • Some of the reports are current leave balances, leaves taken, leave requests made, overtime requests, manual adjustments made all filterable by an employee, locations, departments, job titles and employee types

  • Each report has many filters for you

  • Set different sets of company holidays for each location of your global offices. Sydney can have one set, Shanghai another and San Francisco another set of holidays

  • Individual employees can have their own set of holidays

  • Weekly offs and Regular work hours can be set at Location, Department, Position and even at an employee level

  • When holidays are added or changed, duration of all leave requests that were already applied will be recalculated. This will be very useful for Holidays which are declared based on Moon sightings

  • Send Leave reminders to Managers when employees go on leave

  • You can set reminders for upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries

  • Reminders for employees and managers when annual carried over leave is going to expire. (If your company policy have an expiry date for carry overs)

  • Alert managers when employees apply leave without balance. (If your company policy allows employees to apply for leave without balances)

  • Send information to finance and other interested users when a leave is applied and approved

  • You can easily control who can see what information and edit what information

  • Fine Grained Access Control. For example, you can permit employee John to view only leaves applied by employee Mark

  • Improve compliance using Role-based access control: Each application role can have a specific set of permissions with a scope. For example, you can give permission to a user to just view leave requests made in HR department in London Location

  • Unlimited application roles can be created

  • IP restrictions can be set to allow logins only from selected ips or range of addresses

  • SSO using SAML is available as an option

  • 2FA - Two factor authentication is available

  • All our data centers and servers have robust physical security controls, as well as 24/7 monitoring and surveillance

  • Data flow is fully encrypted using 256-bit Encryption SSL

  • PlanMyLeave is hosted on AWS servers (Market leaders in cloud hosting

  • Our database is replicated, between data centers in different locations, to make sure it’s always available when you need it

  • We use multiple layers of data security, and this keeps us running 99.9% of the time so that you can have access to PlanMyLeave 24/7


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