Calculate accurate leave balances

  • PlanMyLeave is designed to simplify leave management workflow, eliminating paperwork and cut delay by enabling employees to apply for leave requests online and get notified online.
  • Our customers are using PlanMyLeave to help manage their human resource management challenges. With PlanMyLeave they can assign employees to teams and track resources availability on the team calendar.
  • With our on-demand, web-based leave management solutions you can experience fast and risk-free implementations without installing software. You can customize your leave management application in hours or minutes instead of years or months. You get seamless and automatic upgrades as we add new features to PlanMyLeave.
  • PlanmyLeave helps you instantly check who's on leave
  • It is a comprehensive leave management solution with online approval that quickens leave management for both managers and employees. PlanMyLeave helps managers manage their team better. It allows you record late arrivals at work and helps you to track habitual late comers by seeing their time in patterns.
  • PlanmyLeave supports full day, half days and partial time off. Allows you to define any number of leave types and to assign rules for each type. PlanmyLeave online Employee Leave Management System can support any number of employees that you may have and you can have any number of locations and departments to group your staff.

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