PlanMyLeave is a web based online leave management system designed for organisations of all sizes. PlanMyLeave offers fully featured flexible multi-location based settings normally found in enterprise class applications. This web based absence management system has a simple and user friendly interface that gives management and employees immediate and transparent access to leave entitlements. PlanMyLeave users can view current leave balances, request leaves, view past leave history, and managers can review and approve leave applications on the dashboard.

Many employers fail to recognize how much of their total HR and payroll expense relates to leave-related programs. Automated leave management using PlanMyLeave helps you enforce complex leave policies fairly and accurately. PlanMyLeave offers a solution to curtail unexcused absences and contain HR overheads and time spent in leave balance calculations. Whether it's someone who is on leave or has a pending leave request, or your monthly calendar you can see what you need, whenever you need it at a glance. PlanMyLeave allows you to do everything you want on your dashboard.

PlanMyLeave empowers employees to have transparency about the company's leave policy. With multi location settings for each location PlanMyLeave caters to the current global landscape. This ensures employees can plan their leave around the company team calendar. Setting restricted days or restricted team members ensures that key members of the team do not take off at the same time. With centralized absence management you can ensure that your global team is visible everytime.

Free set up - our friendly support staff will help you set up PlanMyLeave for your company. We accept valid customization requests to make PlanMyLeave work better for your company. We aspire to be the best online leave management system ever designed!. PlanMyLeave has settings for flexible timings and shifts - this allows companies having flexible working hours to use the system with flexi-start and end timings for leave requests. Different shift timings and schedules can be set and attached to users. Mobile versions will be released shortly.

PlanMyLeave offers lifetime free online leave management system for upto 10 users. And lifetime free online leave management for unlimited users for educational institutions, schools and universities. PlanMyLeave is a fully featured cloud-based employee management system with paid time-off planning and online leave workflow management. With customers in 5 continents and over 15 countries we are delighting users worldwide.

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