Going Global with multiple languages

Are you looking for a HR and Leave Management tool in a specific language? Would you like your HR and Leave Management screens to work in French, Spanish, Greek, German, Turkish, Vietnamese or Khmer or the dialect you speak in Kenya? With a little help from your end we will get you Planmyleave available in any language of your choice. We have customers in over 36 countries and understand that not all of the users in all countries speak English as their native language. Planmyleave has developed a framework to translate the entire application to the language of your choice.

With our multiple language selection interface you can customize all pages into your language. So your employee in your office at Shanghai can login to his account and view it in Mandarin and your employee in Madrid can make a leave request with his Spanish Planmyleave interface. All emails will also go in the user's selected language.  Users can change the interface to any language they are comfortable with  voila!  they can see it English, Spanish or Greek or Turkish in a jiffy. And what's more - you can have more than one email template also in the same language - so you can send one Spanish email for your employees in Spain and another for your employees in Brazil. A French version for your Parisian users and a French version for your users in Quebec.

We would love to take your help and expertise in translating Planmyleave into multiple languages. We have started off with French, Spanish, Greek and Turkish. If you would like to add your language - please contact us on support@planmyleave.com - with your help we can get it done within a week's time. In return we will give you a free three months subscription to Planmyleave and also acknowledge your language contribution on our website. Our thanks to Evrim Cavdar from  EurocrossTurkey and Giorgos Petropoulos from Coffee Island, Greece have helped us get the Turkish and Greek versions up and running. We also make sure your master data is displayed in the language of your choice - this is an enterprise class feature.

We are with you all the way and with your help we will add a bit of your culture and your language to Planmyleave - the global cloud based HR management tool. Please write to us to get started.
Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Friday, 10 Jul 2015

Tips to search for a good HR and Leave Management tool

Are you introducing automated HR and Leave Management for the first time in your company? Or have you tried various solutions and have not been satisfied with what is on offer in the market. 

Looking for a HR and Leave Management system can be a daunting task - lots of small and medium companies have Payroll software that does the job of absence management also - but most do not have the flexibility to set complex leave policies for multiple locations.  Here are some of the HRIS features that most small and medium business owners look for. 
  • Employee self service portal
  • Update and View Employee profiles online
  • Cloud based software with desktop and mobile versions
  • Repository of HR info like work information, emergency contacts, date of birth, educational details, dependent information
  • Reminders for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Directory search of employees
  • Employee code, Location, Job titles and Department, supervisor, hire date, date of birth, residential address and contact numbers, emergency contact numbers and contact person
  • Any type of HR Documents like can be uploaded online and retrieved easily like employment contracts
    Like appointment letters, forms, appraisal letters, passport or identification documents or Educational certificates. You can even define your own type of document category.  
    Email alerts for document expiry reminders
  • Employees can update their latest addresses and emergency contact details online
  • Maintain HR information and upload documents related to staff like passports, appraisal forms etc.
  • Employees can also upload forms
  • Post Dashboard notifications
  • Send email messages to all employees or filter by department, teams, location, names
  • Employee Notes and feedback from peers and supervisors
  • HR Administrators with access to all the Admin functions
  • Multiple permission based custom roles for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, Department heads
  • Attendance module with Web clock-in/clock-out, IP restriction and  integration with biometric devices
  • Vacation and leave tracking module
  • Group employees into Teams with a Team leader
  • View Team calendars of employee availability
  • Record and monitor all types of leave across your organization - vacation, training, sick days, etc. 
  • Custom leave types
  • Online leave application
  • Automated Multi level Approvals 
  • Centralized view and reports of all employee leave information
  • Leave types and policies can be set at company, location, department or at individual employee level based on role and years of service
  • Simple and Complex accrual frequencies can be set
  • Location based Holidays
  • Setting restricted days
  • Log absences of people who have not reported at office
  • Holiday lists by locations
  • Accurate leave reports and overtime reports with Time off in Lieu
  • Shift and Schedule Templates to set working days  and off dates and times for employees
  • Reports for employee data, leave information, overtime and holiday lists
  • Import / Export of employee HR and leave data
  • Coming soon - Travel and expense management modules to maintain travel requests online and manage expense claims and  reimbursements online. Comprehensive settings for travel and expense approvals in four stages.        
  • Excellent customer support to help you with set up and launch                
The HRIS features of Planmyleave make it easy to maintain all employee information and documents in one place and the Leave Management features remove all hassles related to leave policy settings, maintaining leave balances, leave request workflow and return to work formalities. Travel and Expense management modules makes the job of HR easy in receiving and approving travel requests as well as in expense claims and reimbursements.                                            
Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Wednesday, 10 Jun 2015

Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? Yes we can!

This song exemplifies what we do at Planmyleave - Working together we get the job done!

While setting up Planmyleave for our customers we found that many were not even aware of how many features were there that could be used to customize settings for their company. How much easier it is for HR Staff and business owners to manage their staff using tools that make complex tasks simple.  

Here's a quick list of the settings available in Planmyleave. This will help you decide if Planmyleave is the right leave management system for your company.  Of course this list belongs to our user manual - but here's a quick look if your don't like to go through user manuals first.  Many of the newer enhancements were done based on our customer feedback and requirements. We love our customers and product so much that we polish it up everyday to make it better!

Custom settings in Planmyleave 

Manage settings

Company Settings - Update all company default settings, company administrator, date and currency formats, default weekly days off and  holiday group. This is where you set preferences that are applicable across the full company - and all settings can be customized at location, department, job title and user level. So whether your company has Sat and Sun weekly off or Fri and Sat weekly off or just Sunday or Wednesday off you can customize the settings.

Leave Management 
Set leave year start dates, default working hours, default shift, overtime settings and approval path, log absences settings, flexible working hours settings, turn on / off logging late arrivals, set whether you want to set different approval paths for each user  and leave type. 

Custom Fields
Define up to six custom fields to store any additional information about your Users and their leave requests. So if you want to capture a wedding anniversary date or a social security number this is where you can add the custom field.

Overtime Types
Define different overtime types like Daily overtime, Weekend cover or Ad hoc overtime and set a multiplication factor for the time banked to be multiplied by. Weekend cover can have a 1.5 times multiplication factor so if someone banks 1 day on a weekend they can take 1.5 days off as compensation. 

Add the different locations / branch office details and custom settings for date formats, leave approvers and holiday settings for each. Companies that have offices in different countries and cities use this to add all their offices details and specific location settings.

Job titles
Add job titles and job title specific settings at location level. (Please remember to Add locations first)

Add departments and department specific settings for each locations. (Please remember to Add locations first if you have multiple offices)

Hire types
Add custom hire types like exempt, contract, Trainee apart from the default hire types like Temporary and Permanent

HR Document Types
Add and define the different types of documents that can be uploaded for users like Appraisal forms, educational certificates, passport copies. 

Leave Management
Add and define multiple leave types, policies, holidays, reminders, approval path, restricted days, calendar feeds, start and restart Leave balances engine, and Send welcome emails to full set or subset of users

Leave types
Add multiple leave types and set comprehensive custom settings for each leave type. You can set if full days, half days, partial days are alllowed, set approval path for a leave type and decide if it needs a leave balance to apply for leave. Also set supporting attachment document settings - so employees can upload a medical certificate if they exceed a certain number of days. Set colors to show on calendar and max and minimum number of days that can be applied as well as if a Reason is needed to be given or not. Set if a company holiday is to be included in a leave duration calculation or not and if weekly offs should be included or not.

Set holidays
Add and modify holiday groups and sets of holidays for each location. Attach holiday groups at location settings - you can even attach specific set of holidays at employee level.

Leave policies
Define multiple leave policies that can to be attached to a leave type. A leave policy is the main setting where you define how many days/hours are accrued at what interval for each policy. Decide frequencies of accrual - yearly, every x weeks, months or years and when the policy becomes effective. Define multiple leave policy rules to come into effect after completion of x days/weeks/months or years.  Multiple leave policies can be created for each leave type also and the correct leave type and policy can be attached for different sets of employees.

Leave reminder emails
Set frequencies for when leave reminders need to be sent. Upto 3 reminder emails can be scheduled to be sent before a leave start date and you can set who can get it. You can also set reminders for upcoming company holidays.

Leave approval path
Define multiple approval paths with upto 3 approvers each approval path. Leave requests and email follow the leave approval path workflow defined here. Set watchers and interested parties to be cced on all emails or only when leaves are approved. And decide if one or all approvers need to approve and in which order.

Set restricted days
Set restricted days or pattern of important working days on which you want to restrict employees to request leave. (like month end, launch dates and company meetings)
Set recurrences for months or years.

Calendar feed
Settings for Outlook calendar feeds - months, leave types, employee,  location filters. Can be exported to your Outlook calendar or Google iCal. 

Leave balances engine
The leave balance engine is our most sophisticated engine that keeps tracks employees user balances based on the leave type and policy attached. After you have attached the correct leave types and policies and hiredates for employees run the leave balance engine. Use this to intialize the leave balances calculation for new users and also when a policy is changed. And it needs to be run when you set up your employees for the first time. 

Send welcome emails
Send bulk welcome mails with login credentials to users added to the system. Advanced filters to select from departments, locations and option to send to all users at one go.

Manage Security
Define roles and access permissions for roles. Create custom roles with permission settings like Team Lead, Department Manager or any others. You can copy from the default roles of Company Admin and Regular user to add or subtract permissions to access different parts of Planmyleave to to restrict which employees are visible to which user role. 

Define custom filters to be attached to user roles - to be given access to only the selected location, departments, teams, hiretypes or job titles that can be accessed. 

Network Security 
Restrict which range of IP addresses can be used to login to Planmyleave. Use only when you do not want people to use Planmyleave outside your office network or only from safe ip addresses. By default login is allowed from anywhere in the world. 

Shift Management
Define different shifts that employees in your office work and set the work hours for the shift. Create a schedule template of which shift is worked on which day of the week. 

Schedule Template
Define weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or custom time periods in days to set which shift is to be worked on which day. These Schedule templates can be attached to specific employees.  

User Schedule
Select the employee and start date for a schedule template to be effective from. When the date or template is changed the different shift will come into effect and will be used for leave calculations. 

Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Monday, 02 Feb 2015
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