Why we do what we do at PlanMyLeave

Here's what inspired us to develop a specialized leave management tool. We are a small company and our HR person faced the problem of tracking leaves and maintaining leave balances. We were taken by surprise many times when a key programmer did not show up at office and then I got reminded that she had applied for leave 3 weeks ago. Amidst a many things we do and different hats we have to wear managers of small companies usually forget things like this. 

We wanted managers to focus on their work without having to mind their staff leave balances. We wanted HR staff to have an easy and cost effective tool to store employee information, set up their company's leave policies and  manage leaves of employees. This was a long ignored need especially for small and mid-sized businesses who do manual calculations or use excel. A centralized leave management system allows you to work across borders easily. Even those companies that have computerized payroll usually do not have a clear and user friendly employee self service for leave management. Creating HR software or buying software meant a heavy investment of time and money in the pre-cloud era.

We at Planmyleave wanted to create something that can be set up and launched quickly. We believe managers and HR Staff should not be burdened with calculations, answering questions on leave balances or dread payroll time calculations. We believe that managers should know their staff availability at all times to plan ahead. We want every employee to use his / her right to plan their leaves ahead depending on leave availability. And have transparency into their company's HR  policy. Every employee should be able to see their company's leave policy.  Every company should find it easy to implement HR policies that comply with their government's leave compliance acts.

We believe every employee should have an easy way to request time-off and every leave approver must have full visibility into who else is on leave when he / she approves leave. And employees need not have to follow up many times to have their leave approved or push paper from desk to desk. So we built Planmyleave.

We are doing this because we want to build the best leave management tool in the world. That can adapt to multiple global locations and work with any kind of leave rule or policy. A team calendar view for team leads and managers to see their team availability in monthly and yearly views. An easy way to record absences of people who forget to put in leave requests and to send reminders. Where one can sync calendars in Outlook and Google iCal to see who's off wherever in the world you are. And benefit by saving on costs, paper, time, paper pushing and email searching. That's what our software does best. And we have been able to give this solution easily to HR Managers and company heads from many countries who were looking for something like this. A niche product that addresses a global need for leave management. That's why we do what we do at PlanMyLeave.
Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Saturday, 15 Mar 2014

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