Simon, Sean and Swaminathan at the borderless workplace

Welcome to the global borderless workplace created by technology, Technology has removed many borders between people, creating a virtually borderless workplace that connects employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Corporate hierarchies are disappearing. People work in cross-cultural, diverse teams with flatter organization structures. It is now easy for Simon from Leeds to work with Sean in Los Angeles and Swaminathan in Madurai all at the same time.  

Now let's come to the HR department that has to deal with these three guys. It is useful for Sean to know if Swami and Simon would be at the office next Tuesday for the meeting. While it is not the HR's function to deliver programs - it is their function to empower employees and aid and support management. HR’s job is to give employees and managers the skills, tools,systems and support they need to drive success. So need to have a system that allows the three S's to work and know each others availability. The biggest challenge facing companies today is outdated HR systems that do not incorporate the latest technologies. Today’s employees need to be empowered with rapid, real time information on company policies, enabled to manage their leave and carry out performance appraisals online. The availability of cloud based Human Resource Information Systems ensures that small and mid sized companies can benefit from up-to-date employee information systems without having to invest in expensive enterprise software.

A cloud-based HR system allows companies to introduce a new solution quickly. In addition, companies can receive instant data on new hires, put up new policies and check which employees are on leave. PlanMyLeave offers HR Information systems in the cloud - enabling companies to access people data anywhere, anytime. Using the self service dashboard employees can also access data relevant to them with ease. The contingent workforce is now a permanent fixture, so many elements of talent management, recruiting and engagement are being extended to these mobile “free agents.” This has forced business leaders to rethink their workforce and work environment and ways of managing them in real time. Unilever, for example, announced an entire “agile” work style for all of its salaried employees, giving them the flexibility to work at home, “hotel”, at work, or work evenings or weekends.

Smaller units within larger companies need to function as a separate business unit along with the customers they service too. Managing the borderless workplace is made easier with PlanMyLeave – you can have a ready cloud based system to implement your HRIS and time-off management for this borderless workforce - easily customizing it for multiple locations, internationalization and creating borderless teams. You can also connect your customers and your staff on a single platform and giving them visibility into the teams's availability. A truly global workplace that is connected and works with proper resource planning - a global team that keeps the business running on Diwali or Labor Day, Independence Day - 4th of July or Independence day on August 15th, Anzac Day or Republic Day.
Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Monday, 01 Jul 2013

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