Lekker app for lekker people

South Africa is where you want to be if you are starting a new company these days. Dynamic business environment, smart business owners, footprint in global locations and a great attitude towards technology and work. 

We have been interacting with a variety of business owners and corporates who have been quick in asking for features that are unique to South Africa. "I need to assign 36 days sick leave when someone joins and it should get reset every 3 years". "A supporting document is required for a leave request if some one applies for leave one day before or after a weekend or company holiday".  " I don't want anyone to apply more than 4 times in 2 months for a leave. Can I add a check?" "Month end and month start are busy days for my business. Can I set a repeated pattern for restricted days for the first five days and last five days of every month?" 
"I'd like my team in Toronto to follow this leave policy and my team in Noida to follow another policy for the same leave type. Is it possible?"
"My staff are not so computer savvy. Can I apply for leave on their behalf and auto approve?"

We've listened and added these features. So if you are looking for a great app for online leave management specifically suited to South Africa - look no further. And by the way all these features are available for all our users across the world in PlanMyLeave. Learnt a new word African English word along the way- this is lekker man!
Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Friday, 22 Mar 2013

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