Using technology to improve efficiency and employee morale

The modern HR professional has expertise in many areas such as recruiting, training, employee retention, work-life satisfaction and ongoing education. All of these matters are crucial to the growth and health of any  organization. However, most of these professionals frequently spend up to 70% of their working day doing  paperwork and answering employee questions and solving problems related to attendance, benefits and payroll instead of concentrating their efforts on more strategic issues. PlanMyLeave automates mundane HR tasks that free up their time for HR critical work. Offering your employees advantages that PlanMyLeave offers such as self-service, speedy response, accurate and always available information will  help improve employee opinion of the organization. Here are some features of PlanMyLeave that will help improve HR efficiency and employee morale.


Dashboards are a really easy way to see what's going on in your company on one page. Whether it's someone who is on leave or has a pending leave request, or your monthly calendar you can see what you need,  whenever you need it at a glance. PlanMyLeave allows you to do everything you want on your dashboard. See your monthly calendar, your leave balances, Apply for leave, Users on leave, leave request status, requests pending your approval and past leave requests.

Leave Reminders

To make sure that your team managers are kept in the loop we've built in holiday and leave reminders. Really simple and completely automatic - just add a leave reminder to say before how many days before you want a leave/holiday reminder email to go out. You can rest assured that you will know in time when “Mike will be off for a couple of days to attend his brother’s wedding” or when “Pat will be off to Poland for the holidays” or when "Australia Day" is approaching.

Permissions and Filters

Sometimes you don't want your staff to see all of your company information and you can disable the parts you want people to see by creating user roles and assigning them the correct role. PlanMyLeave has very comprehensive user role creation and permission settings that allows you to create as many user roles as you want with suitable permissions to different parts of the application. By default you get two roles Company Admin and Regular User and you can create other roles by copying these roles and adding and removing permissions based on filters you create.

Free subscription up to 20 users!

Our dream and goal is to get every company in the world tiny, small, medium, large or extra large to benefit by using PlanMyLeave for their HR and leave management.  Price should never be a factor for a company to sign up and see for themselves how much they gain by automating HR processes. We are offering PlanMyLeave lifetime free for companies that have up to 20 users - this is a limited period offer. And PlanMyLeave is free for lifetime for schools and universities.

And more to come!

There are lots more features but these are just a few samples. In the next few weeks we are planning to come out with our mobile interface that we hope will delight our customers even more.

Happy New Year and thanks to all on our team and all our customers who have made PlanMyLeave a dream come true!

We will be adding lots of new features so please let us know what you'd like to see and we will add them to the list.


Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Tuesday, 29 Jan 2013

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