Building a great product needs great user feedback...

It has been fun to get our customer feedback from different countries and work on customization changes since we launched.  We try to incorporate as many  valid requests as possible into our product. This has been making our SaaS product better day by day and month by month.  We wish to thank all our active and enthusiastic customers for their inputs and suggestions - we love the journey and where it is taking us. 
PlanMyLeave started with our mission of developing a cloud product that will be innovative and excellent in its niche. When we scouted around for a HR management and leave management system with simple usable features, affordable, cloud based and with a good looking interface - we found that there were very few around. 

It left us wondering. With hundreds of thousands of programmers in this world and millions of companies all over the place isn't there a simple way of entering staff data and viewing it anywhere in the world? Something online that we can look up quickly to see our resource availability? Someplace easy where I can place a leave request and have it approved online? And see who’s on leave today or at the end of the month? Some emergency contact information about my staff that I can quickly look up to call someone at her home? 

Thus was born PlanMyLeave – a cloud based easy online leave management system that can cater to and medium companies as well as to the big corporates. No costly server investment, IT staff, software development and implementation costs, updates and “forget it - I am not going to manage another spreadsheet in my life” days!   

Posted by Sumathi Umapathy
Friday, 18 Jan 2013

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